Harrietsfield Elementary

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important. Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Welsh, Julie 50% Resource jwelsh@hrce.ca
Voltis, Georgina Core French (Shared with William King and Sambro) gvoltis@hrce.ca
Holley, Andrea Grade 1/2 aholley@hrce.ca
Farr, Ashley Grade 2/3 afarr@hrce.ca
Swinamer, Sarah Grade 3 sswinamer@hrce.ca
Desroches, Melanie Grade 4 Melanie.Desroches@hrce.ca Website
Crosby, Megan Grade 5 mcrosby@hrce.ca
Bradbury, Liane Grade Primary LBradbury@hrce.ca
McCarthy, Tobi Grade Primary/1 tmccarthy@hrce.ca
Martin, Sarah Learning Centre smartin@hrce.ca
Sampson, Tara Music (shared with Sambro & JWMFT) TSampson@hrce.ca
Jupp, Oliver Physical Education (shared with BLT Sr) OJupp@hrce.ca
Lake, Holly Reading Recovery/Early Literacy Support HLake@hrce.ca
Russell, Maureen Reading Recovery/Early Literacy Support (On Maternity Leave) maureen.russell@hrce.ca


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Reinhardt, Kathy Administrative Assistant (902) 479-4230 kreinhardt@hrce.ca
Chisholm, Nicole Guidance Counsellor 902-479-4230 nicole.chisholm@hrce.ca
Little, Paula Principal (902) 479-4230 PLittle@hrce.ca Twitter
Welsh, Julie Vice Principal 902-479-4230 jwelsh@hrce.ca

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Rose, Travis Caretaker travis.rose@hrce.ca
Tiamson, Mimi Custodian
Gomez Garcia, Laura ECE Pre-primary Support
Blades, Christie ECE - Lead Pre-Primary christie.blades@hrce.ca
Little, Jessica ECE Pre Primary Support jessica.little@hrce.ca
Assali, Abdi Educational Program Assistant
Lively, Colleen Educational Program Assistant
Pippy, Joanne Educational Program Assistant
Whitehead, Britney Educational Program Assistant
Saumure, Diedra Educational Program Assistant
Maillet, Constable Martine Halifax Regional Police School Resource Officer 902-490-5016
LeBlanc, Nancy Library Support Specialist nancy.leblanc@hrce.ca
Devoe, Angela School Psychologist ADevoe@hrce.ca
Hudson-Ash, Marsha School Social Worker 902-237-3139 mhudson-ash@hrce.ca
Curran, Rosalind Schools Plus Assistant Leader 902-225-2245 rosalind.curran@hrce.ca
Benson, Martine SchoolsPlus Community Outreach Worker 902-476-0130 mbenson@hrce.ca
Clancey, Kerry Speech and Language Therapist KClancey@hrce.ca Website