Harrietsfield Elementary

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important. Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Assali, Abdi Educational Program Assistant
Benson, Martine SchoolsPlus Community Outreach Worker 902-476-0130 mbenson@hrce.ca
Blades, Christie ECE - Lead Pre-Primary christie.blades@hrce.ca
Clancey, Kerry Speech and Language Therapist KClancey@hrce.ca Website
Curran, Rosalind Schools Plus Assistant Leader 902-225-2245 rosalind.curran@hrce.ca
Devoe, Angela School Psychologist ADevoe@hrce.ca
Gomez Garcia, Laura ECE Pre-primary Support
Hudson-Ash, Marsha School Social Worker 902-237-3139 mhudson-ash@hrce.ca
LeBlanc, Nancy Library Support Specialist nancy.leblanc@hrce.ca
Little, Jessica ECE Pre Primary Support jessica.little@hrce.ca
Lively, Colleen Educational Program Assistant
Maillet, Constable Martine Halifax Regional Police School Resource Officer 902-490-5016
Pippy, Joanne Educational Program Assistant
Rose, Travis Caretaker travis.rose@hrce.ca
Saumure, Diedra Educational Program Assistant
Tiamson, Mimi Custodian
Whitehead, Britney Educational Program Assistant

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Bradbury, Liane Grade Primary LBradbury@hrce.ca
Crosby, Megan Grade 5 mcrosby@hrce.ca
Desroches, Melanie Grade 4 Melanie.Desroches@hrce.ca Website
Farr, Ashley Grade 2/3 afarr@hrce.ca
Holley, Andrea Grade 1/2 aholley@hrce.ca
Jupp, Oliver Physical Education (shared with BLT Sr) OJupp@hrce.ca
Lake, Holly Reading Recovery/Early Literacy Support HLake@hrce.ca
Martin, Sarah Learning Centre smartin@hrce.ca
McCarthy, Tobi Grade Primary/1 tmccarthy@hrce.ca
Russell, Maureen Reading Recovery/Early Literacy Support (On Maternity Leave) maureen.russell@hrce.ca
Sampson, Tara Music (shared with Sambro & JWMFT) TSampson@hrce.ca
Swinamer, Sarah Grade 3 sswinamer@hrce.ca
Voltis, Georgina Core French (Shared with William King and Sambro) gvoltis@hrce.ca
Welsh, Julie 50% Resource jwelsh@hrce.ca


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Chisholm, Nicole Guidance Counsellor 902-479-4230 nicole.chisholm@hrce.ca
Little, Paula Principal (902) 479-4230 PLittle@hrce.ca Twitter
Reinhardt, Kathy Administrative Assistant (902) 479-4230 kreinhardt@hrce.ca
Welsh, Julie Vice Principal 902-479-4230 jwelsh@hrce.ca